Who could beat Mike Tyson in his prime?

This a difficult question for me personally because I’m huge Mike Tyson fan. Being that I am a fan I’d like to think I know him a little bit.

If you go back to the Ruddick Bowe fight that went the distance. You can see this was the blueprint to beat Tyson. Ruddock was able to crowd him and take most of his shots.

Although Ruddock lost the fight he was able to frustrate Tyson because he was able to take Tyson’s punch.

Another fight was with Evander Holyfield. Although I thought Holyfield was using a lot of dirty tactics using his head as a weapon (headbutting) It gave Tyson a lot of problems because he couldn’t get any offense in.

In my opinion it will have to be someone with the size and skill of Lennox Lewis.

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