Is Wrestling Too Damn Predictable?

The talk around pro wrestling is that it’s too damn predictable. That everyone is knows Roman Reigns will win the WWE Universal Championship.

Well Duh! No shit Sherlock….

This has been the formula for years.

How many times did we see Steve Austin stun Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Bug Show and The Rock?

How many times have we seen the lights go out and The Undertaker appear seemingly out of nowhere?


So the notion that wrestling has gotten too predictable is hilarious. The fact of the matter is fans don’t want to see certain wrestlers (Roman) and they complain about everything.

This is Mad Mikes Take. Here’s the guys from Wrestle Talk’s opinion.

Top Tweets Of Jeff Jarrett Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Did you know Jarrett lost the Intercontinental Championship to late great Chyna?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Jarrett is one of the best heels of all time. I mean who didn’t enjoy seeing Jarrett cracking someone over the head with a guitar?

From Bettlejuice, to Gary Coleman. From Gary Coleman to Mae Young. Jarrett has had legendary moments in the world of wrestling and not just in the ring.

He’s responsible for the creation of Total Nonstop Action aka Dixie Carter Land aka TNA aka whatever the hell it is now. Guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and The Young Bucks all come from under Jarretts tutolige.

Which is why he’s being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Fans and co-workers have shown their appreciation by tweeting these…

Fan Tweets

Kairi Sane Blasted with racial slurs by fans

I’m sure positive you’ve heard about this latest development in wrestling surrounding Japanese wrestling star Kairi Sane.

If not let me give you a brief update on what happened.

Here are fan reaction to incident.

Randy Orton Makes Controversial Statement On Parkland Shooting

I’m already a huge fan of the RKO legend himself, Randy Orton… But Randy’s latest Instagram post made Mad Mike shout out a Devon Dudley “Ooooooooh Testify”

Most of us are aware of the Parkland, FL High School shooting. Where 17 people were killed by a THUG named Nikolas Cruz.

Orton let us know his thoughts on the matter and here it is.

A post shared by Randy Orton (@randyorton) on

What are your thoughts? Does Orton have a point or did he go too far?

CM Punk’s Return To The Octagon lol!!

Look man… I.. I… I… Can’t stop freaking laughing LMAO!!! This guy just does not know when enough is enough. He can’t come to the realization that he absolutely sucks.

He’s not an MMA fighter.

He got his ass kicked by the worst fighter they could find in Mickey Gall.

So I thought…

CM Punk could will be fighting MMA media member Mike Jackson? LMAO!!

No this is not a joke.

Take a look at the MMA Panel thoughts on the matter.

Is this something you are interested in seeing?

Corey Graves Absolutely And Positively SUCKS!!!

By no means am I a fan of Corey Graves. His arrogant third grade humor is beyond annoying. I find myself screaming over and over again, telling him to STFU. You’re not Jerry Lawler, stop with the damn jokes already. Call the match in a heel-ish way and stop trying to make fun of everything Saxon says.

It’s ANNOYING. I mean it was cool when you went after Enzo Amoré. But since he’s no longer a member of the WWE. You can stop!

So when I when I got the update from a well known YouTuber. I was like “oh thank God I’m not alone here.”

In this video ya boy from OTRSCENTRAL captures my thoughts on Corey Graves.

Check it out

Booker T Corey Graves Admit it was a work

I’m positive everyone is aware of the Booker T Corey Graves incident that had most of the wrestling up in arms. Well in a recent interview Raw commentator Corey Graves took to Booker T show “Heated Conversation” to quote set the record straight.

Mad Mikes Take

Look I’m all game for a good work every now and again. But GOTDAMNIT I was looking forward to legitimate heat in the wrestling industry.

CM Punk Triple H feud is as good as dead. I’m tired of listening to 20 minutes of Jim Cornette rants.

I need something new.

What are your thoughts on this latest development? Were you just as disappointed as MadMike to find out this was a work?

Mad Mikes Takes

Fans Reaction To Mandy Rose Gold Dust Duo

It seems as though the dynamic duo of Mandy Rose & Gold Dust aka Rose Gold is really catching on with fans.

It all began when the WWE put together Mix Matched Challenge that was aired on Facebook Watch List.

Here are fans reaction to the duo.

Booker T Wants To Kick Corey Graves Ass

Have you been wondering why Booker T is no longer on Raw commentary? Wait no longer because here’s Booker T’s exact quote on the matter.

What do you think? Is it a work?

BREAKING NEWS: Vince McMahon Sells WWE Shares

Seems like Vince McMahon is serious about investing in a sports venture. According to records with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office. Alpha Entertainment filed for five trademarks to the XFL on Dec. 16.

The filings are simply to trademark XFL as professional football league and merchandise.

Previous XFL merchandise were abandoned in 2002.

Previously XFL venture between WWE and NBC lasted one season. Both WWE NBC lost approximately $35 Million

What are your thoughts Sports Fanatics?

Do you think Vince McMahon will be successful a second time around?

Here’s my take on the matter