Fan Reactions To Tony Parker Losing His Starting Job

San Antonio Spurs legend Tony Parker time as the Spurs starting point guard is OVER!!! Parker was informed by Head Coach Greg Popovich that it’s time that he make a permanent change and name Dejounte Murray starting point.

In humble fashion Tony Parker gave up his spot without making a scene. It comes a time when every great player has to understand that they have lost a step. Parker time has definitely come..

Here are fans thoughts on this lastest development.

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Shaquille O’Neal BLASTS Wizards PG Brandon Jennings 

TNT Analyst and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal blasts Washington Wizards guard Brandon Jennings for HIS VERY DISRESPECTFUL TWEET to recently retired Paul Pierce.

Brandon later deleted the tweet. 

My thoughts…. 

Jennings needs to STHU altogether! 

1. I’m agitated enough that I have to speak on this nonsense. I’m an Atlanta Hawks fan and Paul Pierce tortured us for years. Last thing I want to do is come to his rescue lol! 

2. Brandon Jennings….. You’re Brandon Jennings!!!! You aren’t qualified to talk about legends…. You’re a journeyman players who wasn’t wanted by the Milwaukee Bucks or Detroit Pistons. IN THE WORDS OF THE GREAT ONE!!!!