Corey Graves Sucks – Botched Finn Balors Entrance

Did you know Corey Graves Was An Award Winning Dumb Ass?

Are you annoyed by Corey Graves continuous corny ass jokes?

I for sure am growing increasingly tired of his lame ass jokes. Constantly picking on EVERYTHING everyone says and his obsession with Sasha Banks and Bayley’s feud.

We get it you have to sell the feud as best as you can. But understand this….

It’s annoying as hell.

Not in a Triple H Brock Lesnar heel type of way. More like I want to punch you in the damn throat if you don’t sthu.

That’s not the only reason why I’m annoyed by him. He constantly waits for someone to botch a line so he can has a lame ass joke.

This time Graves was the one who botched a line and I don’t think Vince McMahon would be too happy about it.

Check it out…

Fan Takes on Corey’s Botch!

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