Video: Kairi Sane Answers Stupid Racist Chants

Do you remember the incredibly idiotic and racist chants that were aimed at Japanese NXT Superstar Kairi Sane?

Morons at the show were chanting “Happy Ending” and “Pearl Harbor”… Absolutely disgusting behavior.

Kairi responded to the incident in such a beautiful way.


Mad Mike was not as mature as the beautiful Kairi Sane.

Here’s his take

Check out fans take on the matter

Pics courtesy of @KairiSaneWWE

Corey Graves Sucks – Botched Finn Balors Entrance

Did you know Corey Graves Was An Award Winning Dumb Ass?

Are you annoyed by Corey Graves continuous corny ass jokes?

I for sure am growing increasingly tired of his lame ass jokes. Constantly picking on EVERYTHING everyone says and his obsession with Sasha Banks and Bayley’s feud.

We get it you have to sell the feud as best as you can. But understand this….

It’s annoying as hell.

Not in a Triple H Brock Lesnar heel type of way. More like I want to punch you in the damn throat if you don’t sthu.

That’s not the only reason why I’m annoyed by him. He constantly waits for someone to botch a line so he can has a lame ass joke.

This time Graves was the one who botched a line and I don’t think Vince McMahon would be too happy about it.

Check it out…

Fan Takes on Corey’s Botch!

5 Fan Tweets On John Cena Nikki Bella Break Up

I’ve given my thoughts on the John Cena Nikki Bella situation and now comes the all entertaining fans takes.

We know things can get interesting when it comes to fan tweets and hear we go.

Let’s get to it…

Here’s a tweet I think is correct but you know damn well fans are going to be absolutely SAVAGE.

John Cena Nikki Bella Break End 6 Year Relationship

Can’t See Him

Boo-Freaking-Hoo John Cena and Nikki Bella have called it quits. WWE “Favorite couple” have called off their engagement. It comes as a surprise to some considering just last year at WrestleMania Cena proposed to Nikki in a seemingly” heart-felt moment.

Well everyone except for Mad Mike. Look…. John Cena doesn’t seem to be a guy who want to be tied down by anyone. He has no desire to be a father or truly settle down.

For me he is the new Nature Boy Ric Flair. He’s solely focused on his career with the WWE and his new found acting career in Hollywood.

With that said… I feel bad for Nikki Bella. Hoping Cena would change his mind and maybe settle down.

That did not happen and here’s my take on the matter.

Part of me thinks Cena is a piece of crap for proposing at Mania knowing he wasn’t going to change his mind on being father.

Just freaking cruel.

Can you imagine if Nikki returns to the ring? What will wrestling fans have to say?

It’s going to be ugly.

With that said, check out my boy at OTRSCENTRAL’s video on their break-up.

Fan Tweets

Nick Saban And LeBron James In A Verbal War

Look people this is absolutely the dumbest shit I’ve seen in years. First off LeBron James has a lawsuit against Nick Saban and the University Of Alabama for allegedly ripping off his show called “The Shop”

Nick Saban answered the media’s quest on whether or not they plan on continuing to shoot the reality show.

So you know what Mad Mike did. Took to twitter to see if Sports fans think about what I think to be a ridiculous lawsuit.

Here are fans reaction to LeBron James Lawsuit for Copyright Infringement.

Mad Mike Take

Let’s be honest with ourselves. This is not the first time we’ve seen a barbershop scene on TV. So for LeBron to think that Alabama is ripping him off.

To think that he’s a trendsetter, is fucking hilarious.

Calm down Bron Bron. You need to be focusing on getting out of the Eastern Conference this year.

How you are going to find a way to defeat either Houston Rockets or the favorite Golden State Warriors in the finals.

Stop worrying about this simple shit because quite frankly it makes you look like a gotdamn diva.

Mad Mike Out!!!

Lillian Garcia, Carmella On Possibly Cashing In At WrestleMania

I’m going to be straight with everything. Carmella will cash in at WrestleMania. Charlotte Asuka match will be reminiscent of Seth Rollins cash-in… There will plenty of spots so expect to see Carmella to cash in when Charlotte either goes through a table or catches a couple of knees from Asuka.

Just my opinion….

Here’s a short skit of Lillian Garcia and Carmella talking about cashing in.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Carmella will cash in at WrestleMania?