James Ellsworth Released by the WWE

What a great run!!!

James Ellsworth began his career in the WWE getting his ass kicked by Braun Strowman. After his appearance on RAW Ellsworth blew up on the internet becoming a fan favorite.

Ellsworth was then moved to Smackdown where he received a title shot with AJ Styles and was aligned with Smackdown Money in the bank winner Carmella.

In recent months Ellsworth spent majority of the time getting beat down by the women of Smackdown.

After coming back from the European tour WWE decided to release him.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar James Ellsworth. WWE wishes Ellsworth the best in all of his future endeavors.”

Here are my thoughts on his time in the WWE.

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Samoa Joe honorary Shield member?

Kayfabe? Where are you?

First of all I understand wanting to give paying customers moments they’ll never forget.

I even understand Triple H and Kurt Angle filling in for an ill Roman Reigns.

But DAMNIT!!! Why in the HELL is Samoa Joe joining forces with The Shield?

WWE obviously do not care about believability of heel characters.

I’m a wrestling purist and I feel like heels should do heel things. Not join forces with one of the most popular groups in recent history.

Take a look at the mess that took place at an event overseas.

What is your take on this matter Wrestling Fanatics?

10 Fan Tweets on Jerry Jones Threatening to sue the NFL

I’m not buying it BRUH!!!

In case you missed it.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is in legal battle with Commissioner Roger Goodell. He’s trying to make sure his star running back Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t have to serve a six game suspension that was impose on him for alleged domestic violence.

Quite frankly I wish both would just sthu, go away and get this BS over with.

That’s just Mad Mikes opinion.

I’d like to know how the fans feel on this issue. Here are 10 of my favorite fan tweets.

Jerry Jones hires powerful lawyer to block Goddell’s contract extension


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has hired high-powered attorney David Boies in an attempt to block a contract extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goddell.

NFL board owners have come to an agreement on a potential extension. The board goes as follows…

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank New York Giants owner John Mara New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney Houston owner Robert McNair.

Jones has threatened to file a suit if Goodell’s contract isn’t tabled by Friday. Obviously Jones is still upset with how Goddell has handled Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and wants to be as difficult as he possibly can.

Stay tuned for more on this story and other breaking sports stories. Ya boy Mad Mike is OUT!!!

Breaking News: Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Overturned

Not AGAIN!!!!

I’m just going to be real for a second and say exactly what I’m thinking about the Ezekiel Elliott ongoing situation with the NFL.

Get this bullshit over and done with. I’m sick of Jerry Jones, I’m sick of Roger Goodell, I’m sick of ESPN carrying this story, I’m sick of hearing Cowboy fans bitch and complaining about how unfair Ezekiel Elliott is bring treated.

Man get this BS over and done with so I can get back to covering real news, like Donald Trump Twitter account being deleted by a former employee.

Well maybe not….lol! I’m tired of the back and forth.

Here are a couple of tweets from the lastest developing news on Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension.

Zeke statement on why he won’t give up and take his suspension.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Deshaun Watson Possible Torn ACL


Terrible news out of the NFL Houston Texans starting quarterback Deshaun Watson suffered a possible torn ACL at practice.

Here’s confirmation from many sources around the league.

Click here to hear my thoughts on the matter

Mad Mike Sports – Zeke Elliott Suspension Upheld AGAIN!!!


Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott lost an attempt to block a potential 6 game suspension Monday when U.S. District Attorney Judge Katherine Polk Failla denied a request for a preliminary injunction hearing between the NFL and NFL players association.

Her ruling gave both parties the opportunity to consider appellate options.

Which basically means appeals court.

That’s right, Ezekiel Elliott’s 6 game suspension is AGAIN in effect.

What are your thoughts?

Hear are my thoughts

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Does Bob McNair remark make him a racist?

Sounds Donald Sterling esque says Draymond Green

Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair made some incredibly insensitive remarks, comparing NFL players to prison inmates…. At a league meeting McNair stated that

“We can’t have the inmates running the asylum”

His remarks did not sit well with several of his players including star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins was so agitated he left the meeting immediately and did not return to Texans practice next day.

In this video Mad Mike gives his take on whether or not Bob McNair Inmates remarks proves he’s a racist.

Check it out

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Mad Mike Sports: Trinity Fatu tribute to the MONSTA Kane

Former Smackdown womens champion Trinity with a tribute to the MONSTA Kane.

Kane’s debut was at Badd Blood when he ripped the door off the hinges to get to his big brother… The Undertaker. Who thought Kane had died in a fire that he caused at the Family Funeral Home.

Nope!!! Kane was ALIVE! Ready to seek his revenge on big brother Taker.

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