Randy Orton Makes Controversial Statement On Parkland Shooting

I’m already a huge fan of the RKO legend himself, Randy Orton… But Randy’s latest Instagram post made Mad Mike shout out a Devon Dudley “Ooooooooh Testify”

Most of us are aware of the Parkland, FL High School shooting. Where 17 people were killed by a THUG named Nikolas Cruz.

Orton let us know his thoughts on the matter and here it is.

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What are your thoughts? Does Orton have a point or did he go too far?

CM Punk’s Return To The Octagon lol!!

Look man… I.. I… I… Can’t stop freaking laughing LMAO!!! This guy just does not know when enough is enough. He can’t come to the realization that he absolutely sucks.

He’s not an MMA fighter.

He got his ass kicked by the worst fighter they could find in Mickey Gall.

So I thought…

CM Punk could will be fighting MMA media member Mike Jackson? LMAO!!

No this is not a joke.

Take a look at the MMA Panel thoughts on the matter.

Is this something you are interested in seeing?

Corey Graves Absolutely And Positively SUCKS!!!

By no means am I a fan of Corey Graves. His arrogant third grade humor is beyond annoying. I find myself screaming over and over again, telling him to STFU. You’re not Jerry Lawler, stop with the damn jokes already. Call the match in a heel-ish way and stop trying to make fun of everything Saxon says.

It’s ANNOYING. I mean it was cool when you went after Enzo Amoré. But since he’s no longer a member of the WWE. You can stop!

So when I when I got the update from a well known YouTuber. I was like “oh thank God I’m not alone here.”

In this video ya boy from OTRSCENTRAL captures my thoughts on Corey Graves.

Check it out

Mad Mikes Favorite 3 CM Punk Shoots

I know there are a few fans that still hang onto the slim hopes of Phil Brooks returning to the world of professional wrestling.

Whether it’s WWE, Japan or Ring of Honor. I say to those people, keep fucking dreaming because the shit AIN’T HAP-NING lol!!

He left us high and dry to get his ass by the worst Mix Martial Arts fighter they could find. To be honest I couldn’t care less about him EVER returning.

He was just a complete asshole.

Here are 3 are shoots that confirm him being just that.

  1. Triple H on CM Punk
  2. Ryback on CM Punk
  3. Hornswoggle on Punk

Cornette Reads Email From anonymous WWE Source on Enzo Amore

Let me be honest. FUCK ENZO AMORE!! He’s a loud mouth, annoying piece of shit.

Woooooooo that felt good.

It seems as though I’m not the only one who feels exactly the same way about the guy. Apparently his coworkers couldn’t stand his fucking guts.

In this video Jim Cornette reads an email from an anonymous WWE source that confirms it..

Check it out….

Booker T Corey Graves Admit it was a work

I’m positive everyone is aware of the Booker T Corey Graves incident that had most of the wrestling up in arms. Well in a recent interview Raw commentator Corey Graves took to Booker T show “Heated Conversation” to quote set the record straight.

Mad Mikes Take

Look I’m all game for a good work every now and again. But GOTDAMNIT I was looking forward to legitimate heat in the wrestling industry.

CM Punk Triple H feud is as good as dead. I’m tired of listening to 20 minutes of Jim Cornette rants.

I need something new.

What are your thoughts on this latest development? Were you just as disappointed as MadMike to find out this was a work?

Mad Mikes Takes

Fans Reaction To Mandy Rose Gold Dust Duo

It seems as though the dynamic duo of Mandy Rose & Gold Dust aka Rose Gold is really catching on with fans.

It all began when the WWE put together Mix Matched Challenge that was aired on Facebook Watch List.

Here are fans reaction to the duo.

Top Tweets On Josh McDaniels Screwing Over The Colts

Craziness is happening in the NFL couple of days removed from the Super Bowl. Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels has taken back his word on becoming the Indianapolis Colts Head Coach.

News is swirling around the league that Owner Bob Kraft contacted McDaniels to sweetene the deal for him returning as the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

Here’s what others around the league seem to thing.

Booker T Wants To Kick Corey Graves Ass

Have you been wondering why Booker T is no longer on Raw commentary? Wait no longer because here’s Booker T’s exact quote on the matter.

What do you think? Is it a work?